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Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 5:08 pm Reply with quote
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Hi All,

I think the risk of any of us having or contracting the Coronavirus is probably still low - but clearly it’s getting larger by the day. Whilst it shouldn’t present a serious risk to healthy people like us, we need to be mindful of our potential role in transmitting it to anyone else, and particularly to those who are more vulnerable. Since sweat, mucus and laboured breathing can all elevate the risk of transmission, we need to think about sensible precautions.

To be responsible, and to do our part not to risk making things any worse, I suggest that we do the following simple things:-

1) If you’ve had a fever or a cough, please don’t come to group rides for 7 days after your symptoms have subsided (however keen you are to get back out).

2) When out together on club runs or at events, please avoid shaking hands and other physical contact – including not touching other peoples’ gear.

3) If stopping at cafes, please wash your hands before you sit down and touch door handles, tables etc. – and make sure you only put gloves, helmets, glasses etc. on the floor.

Needless to say, do also abide by the government advice which you can find here

Let’s hope these crazy times pass quickly.


(Club Chair, and cafe stop authority)

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