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Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 5:51 pm Reply with quote
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Meet: Former Lime Kiln now Little People's Nursery,

SUMMER TIMETABLE SO 8.30am meet for 8.45am START

Group 1 ??? -
Group 2 8.30am for 8.45am start
Group 3 8.30am for 8.45am start

Group 1: ??
Group 2: - Sat-Nav
Group 3: - Sat-Nav

Cafe: Pop Up Cafe (27 miles)

This week's club run is slightly different to normal in that it sneakily includes the Club Hill Climb and Freewheel competition as well as a Pop Up cafe (thanks to Phil and Linda's hospitality).

Group 2 and Group 3 will be out together from the Lime Kiln
A 27 mile ride round the Vale to arrive at Branston 10.20am
Club Hill Climb - starts circa 10.30am
Club Downhill - starts circa 10.45am
Pop Up Cafe- around 11.00am
Ride back to Lime Kiln around 11.45am
Arrive back at Lime Kiln 1pm

The 27 mile run round the Vale of Belvoir to Branston is flat until some warm up climbs from Redmile to Belvoir Castle, Woolsthorpe to Harston and Knipton to Branston.

Club Hill climb is a half mile hill out of Branston with riders off individually at 30 sec intervals and the winner is the fastest time.

Club Freewheel follows the hill climb and it is back down the same hill freewheeling until you come to a stop. Furthest distance covered before foot down wins (remember it is left at the bottom in Branston if you make it that far.

Its then to Phil and Linda's house for Pop Up Cafe.

The strava Link is:

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Club President
Club Run Routemaster - test negative for electronic navigation aids
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Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 1:16 pm Reply with quote
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Really enjoyed that, thanks Phil and Linda for your hospitality, coffee, sausages, bacon, cake (especially the cake).... and Claire and Mike helping organise the Hill Climb.... and Claire for helping my work the maths.

It was the perfect day for the Club and thanks to the pop up cafe at Phil and Linda's, made for a really great sociable Club day.

I've been away from the Club Run format this year, as I tried to do my Time Trial intervals on a saturday morning on fesh legs and then do a longer one on a sunday...or just race...... It paid off, but I missed it. So today was a great re-introduction of me to get back to some proper Nottingham Clarion Club riding.

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Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 4:07 pm Reply with quote
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A beautiful autumn morning for two good size groups to set off from the Lime Kiln for a random meander around the Vale ahead of the main event of the day in the form of table full of Linda's home made cakes and Phil's BBQ expertise. There was also the matter of the club hill climb and freewheel competition for everyone to earn their calorie replenishment.

The intention of a gentle meander turned out to initially be much faster due to a strong tailwind which blew us out to Scarrington and Hawksworth at quite a pace. Of course, there is always a price to pay at some point and this came with much tougher conditions on the lumpy bit of the route at Belvoir Castle, Woolsthorpe, Harston and Knipton.

A pause at Belvoir Castle to regroup caused our presence to be announced by the deep, raspy tones of a resident Bassett Hound. Despite all the noisy barking at the front end, the rear told a different story with a seriously wagging tail that indicate he was happy in his guard dog role. Fortunately, stubby legs and little ground clearance characteristics meant there was little chance of us being caught if a hot pursuit had ensued. By now, the early sunshine had given way to a more sinister dark sky but no rain was falling. The road down from Harston reminded me of the care we'll need to add as Autumn slippy, leafy, muddy roads emerge once more.

It was just after 10.20am when we pulled into Branston and met up with the faster group at the bottom of Branston Hill. Mike, Claire and Anthony saw to the details with Mike H pushing off before riding himself. We were up and then, much more quickly, we were down. Great fun and it works really well to integrate into the club run. I think James was fastest up and Patrick covered the most distance down (correct me if wrong). The added bonus is Phil and Linda's proximity and their kind hospitality in having a pop up cafe for us. This year we didn't have to concern ourselves about being out of place in the posh peacock blue chenille chairs of the Engine Yard. We were made feel right at home and all groups plus the mountain bike club run met up and universally enjoyed a great club social.

Pulling away from Branston I suddenly felt a large prick between my legs. The wasps of Wistow, noticeably absent last week, must have been on an outing to see what sweet bounty they could find at the annual Branston pickle harvest which happens also towards the end of each September. Once through the climbing twisty roads of Eaton, which were also wet from a shower we just missed, the painful stinging died down and was replaced by the pain of fighting a strong headwind across the top of the Vale. Just as we approached the right turn down Clawson Hill, a heavy shower approached us. We were lucky and managed to outrun it down into Long Clawson bathed in glorious sun and dryness.

On return to the Lime Kiln, we met the faster group again and all rode home together grateful to shelter from the headwind behind the engine that is Patrick. All in all, a really enjoyable day out and chance to meet up with everyone between putting ourselves about some lovely food. Hope this cafe pops up again next year!

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Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 4:22 pm Reply with quote
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Oh no just checked my phone to see what time the hill climb starts on Sunday morning. Oops. So sorry I've got it in my diary for tomorrow. Out of loop or what. Was looking forward to seeing you all. A thousand apologies will catch up soon.
Sounds like you all had a great day!
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Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:02 pm Reply with quote
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‘Pulling away from Branston, I suddenly felt a large prick between my legs...’ Really, I ask you....?
Brilliant day. Good to see Neil back, out and Anthony’s return.
Many thanks to Linda And Phil for their hospitality, and Mike C for sorting out the practicalities of the hill climb.
Mike H
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