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Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:42 pm Reply with quote
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Time to order your shiny new kit!

The ordering window for the new kit is now open. Before you get stuck in, there are a few things it’s important you should know.

DESIGN/GARMENTS - The new kit design details are here and To see the long sleeve details, take a look at Jacko modelling the ski suit in his post of 24th April in the club FacebookGroup. We are still making a few minor tweaks but nothing substantial. There are a wide range of items available, including some we never had with Giordana (the winter gilet has been a particular favourite with all those who have seen/tried it). Chris is holding samples of most items so do come and take a look before you order.

SIZING - Once you have ordered your items, there is no facility for refunds or replacements. You need to be sure, therefore, that the size you order is correct for you. Those who have tried items so far are finding the sizing as they expect but we strongly recommend that you try before you buy. Chris is holding sizing samples of pretty much everything including women’s and men’s versions. You can either drop in (his address is 27 Victoria embankment, Nottingham, NG2 2JY) or text him to arrange a time on O7BO3 I3B726.

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITIES - For an item to be produced it needs to be part of a minimum order quantity of at least five. Different sizes and men’s or women’s versions of the same article count towards the five item minimum. Obviously, until everybody orders, we won’t know how many items have met the minimum or not. There may be a bit we can do when we see all the orders to encourage the odd extra item and get over the limits but anything falling short of the threshold will not be made.

PLACING AN ORDER - All club members have been added to the Endura ordering system and you should have received an email (to the email address you used for your club membership, if you haven’t received an email then please email me on which contains a link together with your username and password. To order, simply go to the site, select your items, enter your address details and pay.

Please note that your payment will be taken at the time of your order irrespective of whether that item has reached its minimum order limit. If the item doesn’t reach the minimum order quantity you will receive a refund. Unfortunately, we understand that refunds are taking some time so you might be without your money for some weeks. This is less than ideal and Endura will have a new system in place by the time we open our ordering window around Christmas. For this ordering window, you might want to post on the forum to see who else is ordering - particularly for items which are likely to be less popular.

CLOSING DATE - The last date for placing your orders will be Sunday 25th August.

DELIVERY - Your items will be delivered directly to you. The lead time is approximately six weeks after we close the ordering window and approve the whole order. We expect that to be in late August so the kit should be with us by mid October.

NEXT ORDER - We expect to have at least two and probably three or four ordering windows each year, depending on demand. The next one will be in December/January so that we can get a delivery in early March ready for the summer season. The most popular item will probably be the short-sleeved jersey and, since we get discounts for larger numbers, we recommend that you save orders for s/s jerseys until the next ordering window (which will arrive in time for the summer season) unless you particularly want one now.

Do let me know if you have any questions.


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Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:36 am Reply with quote
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A lot of work has gone in to get us to this point - both by Andrew and others - so big thanks to everyone who has been involved, and especially Andrew for getting it all live so quickly.

It’s been noticeable on the club runs recently that there are less of us out in club kit than there once were. I know this is partly due to people waiting for the new kit to come out and partly due to some not really liking the old kit. Being out in club kit is probably the most important single way we get to promote our club - as well as looking and feeling great - so I hope the availability of our smart, modern design in high quality new clothing means we can get back to most of us being in club strip when we’re out together.

Do, please therefore, get yourself a jersey at least - we’ve included a lower priced jersey (which is still really nice quality), as well as the top end one, for those who want to keep the cost down.

There’s also a financial incentive to order now. There are significant discounts if we get to 10 or 15 items so we’ll get refunds to distribute if plenty of us order. Inevitably, this first order is likely to be one of the biggest so we are likely to get the most discounts. This is, therefore, likely to be the cheapest opportunity you get to lay your hands on the new stuff.

Hope to see you all soon when I get past this bloody eye thing.


(Club Chair, and cafe stop authority)

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Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:56 am Reply with quote
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Is it possible to get an actual number for the discount levels, and what that discount is? 10-15 is a little vague.

Is it then possible to know what has been ordered so far for each garment?

Reason being two fold. If very few people have ordered summer kit then it might be advisable for them to cancel that order and wait for the next window (or at least know they are paying a premium for it now).

Secondly if the order for a specific item is about to reach a threshold then people who may have been only thinking about that garment would know that potentially now is a better time to order rather than wait.
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Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:15 pm Reply with quote
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15% for more than 10, 20% for 25 (at least on the pro sl stuff)

Would be good to see the numbers ordered though... I'm certainly happy to order more stuff now if it's going to get the prices down
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Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 6:18 pm Reply with quote
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We will post numbers ordered. Last time I checked, 3 was the most we had for anything so nothing useful to report as yet.

My guess is that the only threshold (beyond 5) we might hit is likely to be the l/s jersey which might get to 10. I suggest, therefore, that people just get on and order, and we’ll report when it looks like there’s a chance we might get to the discount threshold on anything.

On the question about summer kit, so far we only have one s/s jersey and one race gilet ordered that would fall into that category - so I suspect it’ll take care of itself as we may well not reach the minimum numbers of 5.

(Club Chair, and cafe stop authority)

aka F=ma. For an object if high mass (m), it takes a lot of force (F) to create any acceleration (a) - except when going downhill!
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Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 9:43 pm Reply with quote
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I'm just ordering Long Sleeve now. Will get the Short sleeve on the next order as we're more likely to hit 10 then..

who said anything about a Caf� stop?
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Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 8:41 am Reply with quote
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Thank you for everybody who is involved in getting the new kit organised. I know a lot of work went into (and still is going into) it.

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Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 11:41 am Reply with quote
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Hi all,

The end of the new kit ordering window is only just over a week away – on Sunday 25th of August. We have had it open for almost 4 weeks to allow for holidays etc so I don’t expect we will extend it.

So far, lots of people have been telling me they’re going to order things but haven’t actually got themselves onto the site to get it done. As a result, only a few people have placed orders but there is not much to report about numbers. I’m pretty certain that will get over the threshold with the long sleeve jersey (the regular one rather than the heavy Roubaix one) on the basis of people who I know are going to order them plus the existing orders - and we may get over the 10+ threshold for a discount. Other than that It depends how many people get their orders in this week.

I’d particularly like to encourage anyone who doesn’t generally wear club kit on Club Runs to order at least a jersey. It’s important for promoting the club to be seen out in our strip and I think we all feel good riding in a group where everyone is wearing our club kit.

I still have the kit if you want to drop in and try sizes etc. Because of my eye problem I’m in most of the time so just let me know if and when you’d like to drop by.

(Club Chair, and cafe stop authority)

aka F=ma. For an object if high mass (m), it takes a lot of force (F) to create any acceleration (a) - except when going downhill!
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