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Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:16 am Reply with quote
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Hi all... here are a couple of reports from me and Caroline...

Caroline's report
What a fantastic day out in London! Quite warm but a cool breeze now and again. The crowds were amazing and the drum bands gave such a boost. But, a marathon is a mighty long way and oh so gruelling!

Funnily enough Neil and I started in the same pen - much to Neil's consternation - got there when it opened and were at the front. That made such a difference because the race began at a good pace and didn't get held up. Neil took off and I was delighted to be able to run at 8:50s for the first 12 miles. Then the pace got the better of me, I slowed down, the 4 hour pacers came by and I began to pay for going off to fast. I had Nick's words of wisdom ringing in my ears as the carnage began at 17 miles and I decided "just to enjoy it" stuff the time! But my legs really hurt and actually it was easier to run than walk.

I was expecting the children around 25 miles so the run down the embankment was so much easier scanning the crowds that, even though they weren't there, it took my mind off the pain.

The hardest miles were between 15 and 20 when so many people were stopping and stretching, even though the last miles hurt more.

I finished in 4:34.

It was well worth running for Oxfam; there was a good sense of camaraderie and the post race reception was brilliant, including a hero's welcome and massage. One of the Oxfam runners got the world record for running in a fireman's suit.


Neil's report

It was a good day! As Caroline said, the start was OK, as we got into the pen before it officially opened so were at the front.

I ran Ashby at 3:38 pace so my plan was to aim for 3:35 pace for the first half, and then to see what happened... One reason for this was that I wanted to see the leaders and I knew that if I got to mile 13 at that pace they would be coming the other way. That worked nicely and it was great to see Kipsang, Kebele and Farah up close. Mo was not looking good!

For me, the first half pretty much went to plan, behind schedule slightly, running at 3:37 pace. The second half was tough - being hot - and I let the time slip. At 21 I decided that I wasn't going to get to the finish before needing a pee so stopped for a leisurely relief and felt a bit better afterwards... that was, until the 3:45 flag carrier jogged past. I finished in 3:49 so lost about 10 minutes on the pace and a couple on the stop which in hindsight I'm happy with.

Oxfam were a brilliant cause to run for - it was the right balance of being a cause we believe in, big enough to provide proper support on the day, but not so huge meaning that there was a level of personal treatment.

I'm still recovering!....


Our fundraising page will still be open for a few days Laughing

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Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:25 am Reply with quote
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great work and well done.
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Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:07 am Reply with quote
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Well done both superb effort and great times
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Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:46 pm Reply with quote
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Great stuff, very impressive. I heard from other people that ran it that the heat was a real factor and it was a tough day. Well done.

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