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Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:47 am Reply with quote
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My first duathlon of the year, which is a pretty tough way to get started. It's a 'standard' distance (as opposed to sprint) with 10K run, 42K hilly bike, 5K run based at Rutland Water.

Start time was 8:20am, so the alarm was set for 5am. Nice.

The weather was OK, although colder than advertised and pretty windy.

Nearly 800 entered, but I think around 600 took the start. I didn't see Stewart Gregory (who is usually easy to spot because he's at the front!), so I hope everything is OK Stewart.

I first did this event last year and was disappointed with the 10K run as I ran it conservatively as I was I bit worried about the distance and did a really poor time. This year I decided to set off at 5K pace and see what happened - a much better strategy! My legs started to pack up after about 6K, but I was pleased with the run and was only 20-ish seconds off a 10K PB.

The bike went well and although both legs started to cramp up quite badly it didn't effect me too much. Between T1 and the bike I made up about 100 places.

When I got off the bike and out of T2 I realised I was in a spot of trouble as the cramp really bit and I couldn't really bend my right leg. I hobbled off for the final 5K run which was frankly too painful to talk about. Although not fast, it wasn't disastrous and I only lost about 20 places. I even managed to win a three up sprint for the line, but it must a have in slow mo.

My total time was 2:16:52 which I'm happy with. I was 148 out of 574 finishers (nearly 800 entrants); 145 of 468 men; 26 out of 65 35-39 men. I was aiming to be in the top third, so happy to be in the top quarter.
R1: 00:41:02; T1: 00:00:37; B: 01:12:55; T2: 00:00:44; R2: 00:21:34

The winner was Dan Bigham from Oxford Brookes Uni. His winning time of 1:55:12 saw him cross the line as I starting my second run! Phenomenal.

Looking forward to Stathern next weekend.

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